Samsung Electronics Has Decided to Sell its Shares in Four Different Companies

Samsung Electronics is the second largest information technology company in the world and part of the Samsung Group. This South Korean-based multinational company has managed to increase its popularity in the last decade. They were able to do this by investing in research and development and offering unique and superior electronic products like smartphones, TVs, tablets, cameras etc. They sell online electronics, but they also sell their products in physical stores .

A few months ago, Samsung Electronics has revealed that they have sold valuable shares in four different companies like Seagate Technology Plc and ASML Holding NV. The reason was simple – they needed more money to invest in the essential activities related to their business. According to the official records, Samsung had 4.2% stake in the famous Seagate Technology Plc company and they sold all of it. However, they have decided to keep 50% of their shares in ASML Holding NV. Additionally, Samsung Electronics have sold their complete shares in two other companies – Sharp Corp where they had a 0.7% stake and Rambus inc where they had 4.5% stake.

According to an official from the South Korean tech giant, the total amount of money they’ve received from these transactions is about 888 million dollars. However, the company decided to keep some of the information related to these transactions hidden from the public which is probably a smart move.

In the last decade, Samsung Electronics was trying to diversify its portfolio. From a company that was strictly focused on electronic products that we have mentioned before, they have become a company that invests in non-essential operations. The same goes for the rest of the Samsung Group affiliates. Last year, they have decided to change this policy because it was proven that it is no longer profitable. In other words, they have decided to keep their focus narrowed down and find more resources (primarily money) for the main business activities.

The world of electronics is changing due to the fast advancements in the field of technology. Tech giants like Samsung must find a way to adjust to the market and investing in innovations is the best way to achieve this goal. After all, this is exactly how Samsung managed to become one of the top three players in this industry in the last few years. Hopefully, this move will inspire other similar companies to do the same thing.