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A septic tank system is common in rural regions. Houses that are not attached to a sewer system use septic tanks as a means of sewage treatment. Septic systems carry waste material from your home into septic tanks. Regular maintenance is needed to keep the whole system working correctly. Over time, sludge builds up in the septic tank. It is essential to pump it out so that the septic tank can function accordingly. This is why septic tank cleaning in necessary every once in a while to avoid blockage.

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Symptoms of a blocked septic tank

There are many diverse symptoms indicating that there is build up of sludge. You might need to hire a reputable septic tank cleaning company to clean out your tank once every few years. These people are trained in pumping and treating sewage. You need to call them whenever you detect any foul smelling odour near your house. Accumulation of water above the tank or in your yard is another major sign of blockage. Once you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact the septic tank cleaners.

How does it work?

They are basically made of concrete. Once upon a time, they used to be made out of metal but many homeowners have switched to using concrete. Septic tanks are the accumulation points of all the solid and liquid waste material from your home. Most of this waste gets broken down by bacteria until it all turns to liquid and is moved away from the tank. If the tank gets blocked, solid waste starts to fill it up. This could cause a complete blockage of the drainage system.

Maintenance of septic tanks

At the top of all septic tanks, there is an opening. It is usually covered with mud which has to be dug out. Once the opening is exposed, you can inspect the condition of the tank. Inspection needs to be done yearly but septic tank cleaning can be done once every 4 years. There is no certain way of knowing whether or not the tank needs to be cleaned. When the hatch is opened, its height should be measured. If more than 35 percent of the tank is covered by solid waste, it needs to be pumped out. Professional cleaning companies usually have the right tools for this job. They use pumps with powerful suction to remove the waste material.

Importance of cleaning

When you neglect to maintain your septic tank, the whole system might fail. The results of failure are dire and they can cause problems for your family as well as your neighbours. All your sources of water including those that are underground will become polluted and thus rendered unusable. Lastly, when your septic container fails, the repairs are usually very expensive. To avoid all these unnecessary consequences, you should make sure that you maintain your septic tank regularly. Ensure that the company you hire is experienced in dealing with blocked septic tanks. This way, you will get your tank cleaned by professionals.